An expansion PDF download to the Main Game. This FREE download can be played as its own stand-alone game, and offers an introduction to the game mechanics, lore, and play style of Eternity.

This PDF download is all about playing as the Lord of your own kingdom. Instead of creating a character who will be a hero, you create a Lord who will send heroes out on quests. You will create a kingdom of your own, and roleplay with other Lords of Aeturnum.

This game is best played with 4-8 players.


Our newest product, which we’re releasing to the public for FREE, is Eternity: Lords System. Everyone who’s played a tabletop RPG has built a 1st Level character and adventured until the character became godlike. But what about building an entire realm of your own? What about a tabletop civilization builder?

Eternity: Lords System is our answer. Create your own realm, cultivate a kingdom, wage war, send heroes out on quests and adventures of your design, and engage in political intrigue as you play as one of the Lords of Aeturnum.

Also, check out the main game of Eternity for more details on how to play Lords. If you enjoy the game but want to see more, the main game is your next step (now on sale)!!


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