As talked about in one of our latest blog posts (read the post here), this older version of Eternity RPG was a major fan favorite. Affectionately known as the “2nd Campaign,” it was the version of Eternity RPG that first drew fans outside of our friend group, and ultimately led us to open up Eternity RPG to the general public.


This old school version of Eternity RPG, affectionately known as the famous “2nd Campaign,” is free PDF download. It’s a tabletop RPG with a lot of history (going on 10 years as of the time of this post). This version of the game involves a LOT of (basic) math, so be prepared to use a calculator at higher levels of play.

I have not formatted the game in any way so apologies if it’s difficult to understand in places. There’s also a lot of PDF download files… But the game is free, obviously, and is really just meant for people interested in the history of Eternity RPG or in tabletop RPG game design in general.

If you like this game or the work we’re doing, please support us and join the Eternity RPG community by looking at the main, modern game. Happy gaming!


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