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The Main Game PDF downloads for Eternity. This download set comes with 11 unique downloads that allow you to get set up playing the game in just minutes. To start playing the game we recommend you print out some of the PDFs – for a total of about 15 pages.

Within 5 minutes you’ll be ready to play!


Eternity RPG has been a 10 year project to create a great game. It’s an RPG that can be played both solo (without a gaming group), and in as little as 5 minutes. If you love RPG’s but don’t have the time or availability to play as much as you used to, this game is for you.

Eternity is an ongoing project. We’re always updating the game and trying to improve it. What this means for you is the following:

1) We promise to keep improving the game and offering new products.

2) We promise to email you FREE updates to any PDFs with new or revised rules. When you buy this Main Game PDF download, you are buying a lifetime subscription to automatic game updates.

It’s like getting your regular software update to your computer games. And we do it for free. For life. We’ve got 20 years of gaming and game design experience already. And we’re going to be  around for a long time yet.


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