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Eternity TTRPG

The two main features of Eternity TTRPG: 1) the game is played with multiple game masters (also known as being “gm-less”), and 2) Eternity is a tactical RPG.

The game is very easy to learn, even for players new to TTRPGs (tabletop role play games). The PDF download comes with everything players need to get started. An entire campaign of play can typically be started in 30-60 minutes.

No Single Game Master

There is no single game master in Eternity TTRPG. Instead, each player in the gaming group takes turns contributing to the story – but not in the way you may think. Players are rewarded with more “GM” time the better they are at that role, which also helps keep the story on-track. Other players still get to help create the world and propose ideas on where the story should take everyone next.

Tactical RPG Combat

Each of the 22 classes in Eternity TTRPG has 10 unique spells or abilities, 30 “specialization” options, and can be mixed with any of the game’s playable races, and available item combinations. Because each class only has 10 spells or abilities, they are easy to learn. But because of the in-depth customization options, the game comes with a lot of depth players can choose for themselves to enter into, or not.


Eternity TTRPG was created in 2009, and has gone through numerous updates since publication. The game is currently sold only as a PDF download so that we can keep costs down for our customers, and so that any updates to the game (primarily in artwork at this point) can be forwarded to purchasers. Once we finish our planned art projects, we will again sell Eternity TTRPG in print options.


Nearly all TTRPGs use a single game master. You may never have played a GM-less tabletop RPG. But whether you’ve never tried role playing without a game master before, or if you’ve tried other GM-less games that didn’t work well, you need to try Eternity TTRPG. Our system for sharing game master roles and responsibilities maximizes player engagement and freedom, while delivering incredible story continuity and excitement.

Unique Classes

Each of the 22 unique classes is finely balanced. They each have their own strengths, weaknesses, and unique options in combat (and out of combat). But they all have the same potential – one class can be just as effective in battle as any other. The main difference is player skill level. Eternity TTRPG rewards players for being great at the game.

Can be Learned very Quickly

Eternity TTRPG can be learned very quickly, even for players new to tabletop RPGs. Starting play for a new gaming group can happen in 30-60 minutes, character creation time included. The game’s basic rules are very simple, with loads of more in-depth play options available.

Options for Solo Play

Eternity TTRPG also offers basic options for solo play. Because the game system doesn’t require a single game master, anyone can be both the “game master,” and a character in the story, at the same time.

New Artwork continually being Released

One of the main reasons we sell Eternity TTRPG as a PDF download is so that we can send new artwork continually being released to all of the game’s buyers. Whenever new artwork comes out, we email it to you.

Expansions for Eternity TTRPG

We have plans to release expansions for Eternity TTRPG. These will include additional monsters, items, races, classes, lore for the world of Aeturnum, Levels 11+, and more.

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