For those new to the website, the aim of this post is to help with navigating the Eternity RPG blog. The blog is a mix of various gaming recaps, interviews with professional game designers, and general Eternity RPG news. The earliest blogs we posted are nearly a decade old (we began posting in 2009). So there’s a little work that we need to do updating things. But if you enjoy reading fantasy stories or if you are a role play game enthusiast, this site is for you.

Beginning with the oldest posts…

Chronicles of Aeturnum

All of these posts are listed as “Eternity RPG Chronicles,” followed by a number. This series recaps the games we played from late 2009 to mid 2010. It was the first true Eternity RPG gaming campaign. We fondly call it the “Devourer Campaign.” The story centers around the “four heroes of light” who were born of an ancient god. Elmran, the Devourer, sought to end the universe. The Chronicles are the heroes’ quest to stop their immortal father.

Evizenium Forgotten

This campaign introduced the “Necromantic Being” into the lore of Eternity RPG. Played by the same gaming group as the Chronicles of Aeturnum, this series gets a bit more out there than the previous story line. The game begins as typical fantasy, but expands to science fiction as the characters essentially watch as the universe is destroyed. This series sets up the later stories of “Flux Core.”

Flux Core

This game had the largest number of players of any ongoing campaign we’ve done. Whereas the previous two campaigns are written as short stories in a fantasy setting, the blogs for Flux Core are mainly game session recaps. As such, they are often quite funny, but a little harder to read without context. So, it may not be as fun of a read, but it does show you exactly how we structured gaming sessions for this campaign.

This series brought about the “Angel of History” and the apocalyptic event known as the “Mirror Incident.” Because of the events of this campaign the world of Aeturnum is currently a much more hellish place.

Hollow Waltz

This series switches off between a group of adventurers in the lands of Eboncrest, and another set of characters known as the Lords of Aeturnum. As you may have noticed by now all campaigns we’ve played are linked together . The events of one story lead to stories yet to be told.

This campaign additionally introduced a new type of game: The Lords of Aeturnum, or the Lords System. This game is now a free download, which you can get here. Using the Lords of Aeturnum game, the players of this campaign dramatically altered the course of events for Aeturnum.

Gaming With The Pros

In this miniseries we interviewed a number of game designers, life-long tabletop game enthusiasts, and writers. They share their perspectives on gaming. Why it’s important to them. What they hope to share with others through the games they make. And good resources for those getting into tabletop gaming. Hopefully this can be a series we continue to develop over time as it was one of the most fun to make!

The Future Of This Blog

We’ll continue to post on a regular basis. Now that Eternity RPG is published and has become a main focus for us, the blog, our Facebook page, our Youtube channel, and our game updates will all be priorities. Subscribe, keep posted, sign up for our newsletter on the main page of our website. We’re here to stay and we’re here to create much more tabletop RPG, fantasy, and gaming content for you in the future!