Most Recent Game Updates To Eternity RPG

Every three months we update Eternity RPG. It’s one of the main reasons we only sell Eternity RPG at this point in time as a PDF. For people who have purchased the main game of Eternity RPG these updates are free and get emailed directly. This sheet gives you an idea of the most recent game updates to Eternity RPG since our last update in March. Our next update will be around early September, 2019.

Eternity RPG is a growing game. We sort of originally published it as a lark. But over time it’s become more popular and we’re happy to keep producing new content and improving existing content. For those of you who have been following Eternity RPG but haven’t yet purchased the main game (perhaps you’ve downloaded the free Lords of Aeturnum expansion), here’s a brief list of the most important main game updates.

(Note: you’ll notice there’s not really an accurate numbering system here. The numbers presented correspond to each section of the Eternity RPG rulebook PDF, not a numerical list of updates).

  1. Game Guide

  • “Inspiration” has replaced “Regen.” This stat lets you maintain buffs instead of using Wisdom.
  • Defend and Critical Defend have been improved. Counter and Critical Counter have been added as additional Action options. Daze now also temporarily debuffs Dodge and Will.
  • Some racial bonuses have been slightly modified to better reflect what they’re intended to be. Golden elfs for example now have higher Spirit so they have more Faith, making them better spell casters.
  • You no longer receive bonus Exp for longer fights. Req. Exp to level also no longer caps at 100. We felt that combat was taking up too much focus and was taking the game away from our original intent. Leveling up now takes longer, but leveling was never supposed to be the game’s main purpose, so we’re ok with that. We feel that leveling is now more rewarding and more of the game focuses on scenes instead of just combat.
  • Healing now takes place without Regen. Check out Pg.10 of the Eternity RPG – Game Guide PDF for rules on “Resting” and recovering HP and Wisdom.
  • Pg.10 in the Eternity RPG – Game Guide PDF also has rules for minimum hit chance and evasion. No matter what, if you roll 20 on a hit chance roll, your attack, spell, or ability hits. No matter what, if you roll 20 on a Resilience, Dodge, or Will roll, you evade the attack. Defense takes priority over offense, with this rule.


  1. Character Sheet

  • Minor adjustments in looks, etc.


  1. Classes

  • The following classes have been added to the game: alchemist, dragon knight, royal guard, samurai, thief, time mage. All 24 promised classes are now available! We will be updating this info on the “About Page” of the Eternity RPG/ Aeturnum Gaming website soon.
  • Many more classes now benefit from Intelligence and the new stat, Inspiration. These stats now allow characters to make greater use of all class spells and abilities.
  • Some classes have received some adjustments now that all classes are complete. Judge, for example, had a big rework.


  1. Enemy Stats & AI

  • Stats have been updated to reflect the changes to Inspiration.
  • AI has been given to the 6 new classes. Note that AI has not received the rework with Intelligence or Inspiration, but it’s not necessary to use those stats yet. That will be updated in September. With the reworks you may make to your character though, this should still be balanced.


  1. Monster Lore & AI

  • We made 3 monsters with unique spells and abilities – arachnid, behemoth, and cat sith. This was just playing around a bit with the concepts, so they may get reworks. But for now at least you can see where we’re headed with monsters.


  1. Rewards, Items, & Treasure

  • New gems have been added for Inspiration. Strike Bonus/ Dodge and Faith/ Will gems now each have their own gemstones, instead of combining.


  1. Eternity RPG Sample Adventure

  • A sample adventure has been added to teach new players how the game works. Players have less freedom with each step of the scene in this example adventure (out of necessity), but it allows new players to get a feel for the game. This sample is really only good for brand new players but can hopefully be helpful for you if needed!


Here’s Some Of What You Can Expect In The Next Update

  1. Classes

  • More classes will get updates by September to align them more with their specialization bonuses. After this next update, classes will be “locked in” and will not receive any further large updates.
  • We’re still considering skill bonuses and deductions per class (but not sold on the idea). If you have any ideas or input, please Contact Us and let us know!


  1. Enemy Stats & AI

  • Update with Intelligence/ Inspiration.
  • Bonus/ Deduction to stats for more variety.


  1. Monster Lore & AI

  • Special ability per monster sample given. This in particular is a big focus for us.


  1. Rewards, Items, & Treasure

  • We are considering adding many more items. There would be 20 items for roleplaying purposes (we’ve been having a lot of fun with “Fairy In A Bottle” in our gaming group) and 20 for combat purposes only with each character level.
  • All treasures need some rework. They were originally meant to help with boss and epic boss fights, but we’re thinking of using normal combat-only items for that now. Treasures may end up as almost entirely roleplay items in the future.


  1. Artwork

  • We will continue to create new artwork. Especially as the game grows! The more people who buy the game, the more artwork we can afford to commission. So, tell your friends about Eternity RPG!


New/ Updated Products


Thank You

Finally, thank you so much for supporting Eternity RPG. We know you’re a fan. But we want you to know that we’re fans of you. And we will continue to provide you with excellence in tabletop RPG gaming for life. You are awesome. Happy gaming! Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments. -Jake (creator of Eternity RPG)