Fallen Paladin

In Eternity TTRPG, the fallen paladin is known as the “Destroyer of the Light.” It’s a class that believes in the right of the individual to pursue whatever ends they desire, and fights for the rights of those with power to dominate. Whatever belief systems, virtues, and aims held by a holy paladin – the fallen paladin seeks the opposite. The desire of the fallen paladin also isn’t truly relevant, morally. Value is placed on the desire, itself, over the consequences of seeking or obtaining that desire. Not that all fallen paladins are evil. They simply view “the light” and the subservience to others that it requires as meaningless in a world that favors power and those who take it for themselves.

Fallen Paladins in a mansion

Fallen Paladins in Combat

Fallen paladins in combat fulfill the roles of damage dealer, defender, and healer. Their unique mix of spells and abilities allows them to take on multiple roles, though anyone playing them may want to select a single role (or perhaps two) they most enjoy.


Fallen Paladin as Damage Dealer

Blood Spiller (Magic): after you cast this spell on yourself, every time you attack an enemy you have a chance to deal additional damage. You can only deal damage with this spell once per turn. You can instead choose to continually maintain this spell.

This spell functions well even if you have low hit chance. It’s a perfect complement to an all-out attack build, or a defensive one.

Desecration (Magic): all enemies in either weapon range (specific to the weapon you’re currently wielding), or within spell range. If this spell hits, you have a chance to deal damage on every one of each affected enemies’ turns. You can instead choose to continually maintain this spell as an aura.

         (Double-Hit): double chance to deal damage on each enemy’s turn.

The longer you anticipate a battle lasting, the more important this spell becomes. Desecration is one of the only damage over time spells in Eternity TTRPG.

Oathbreaker: weapon range, or spell range, deals shadow damage (deals bonus damage to Light Aura Units). If this attack hits and the target isn’t healed by the end of their next turn, the target takes additional shadow damage.

         (Double-Hit): deals additional shadow damage.

This is the main staple attack of the fallen paladin. It’s particularly potent because most classes in Eternity TTRPG are unable to use healing spells or abilities.

The perfect fallen paladin

Fallen Paladin as Defender

Dark Hold (Magic): weapon range (specific to the weapon you’re currently wielding) or spell range, Dazes the enemy.

This spell allows you to stun enemies at a distance, as opposed to requiring you to be right next to them.

Nihilism (Magic): all enemies in weapon range (specific to the weapon you’re currently wielding) or spell range, all affected targets have reduced hit chance against every target but you. You can instead choose to continually maintain this spell as an aura.

         (Double-Hit): further reduces enemy’s hit chance when attacking targets other than you.

Nihilism is particularly helpful if you are attempting to “tank” for allies, or defend allies.

Shadow Aura (Faith of Darkness): you automatically detect Light Aura units within 100 yards and you are immune to shadow damage. Every turn, you have a small chance of gaining immunity to all damage and negative effects for 1turn (negative effects are not dispelled, just suppressed for 1turn). This is a passive effect, always active, and cannot be dispelled.

There are many variants of Shadow Aura, each with its own effect. The fallen paladin’s invulnerability aura is particularly useful.

Terrify (Magic): weapon range (specific to the weapon you’re currently wielding) or spell range, the target becomes temporarily Afraid of any target of your choice.

Another useful spell for protecting allies, Terrify allows you to disable enemies from attacking an ally of yours who’s particularly vulnerable. 

Wicked Armor (Magic): spell range, after this spell has been cast, the target gains additional resistance to magic. You can instead choose to continually maintain this spell.

Fallen paladins are able to bless themselves and allies with a dark armor that resists magic.


Fallen Paladin as Healer 

Dread March: this ability can only be used when you drop to 0HP. Based on your total physical hit chance plus your total magic hit chance, instantly attempt to heal HP. For every time you have received healing today, you must roll higher to hit with this ability (can stack without limit). 1Day Recharge.  

         (Double-Hit): heals additional HP.

Shadows cannot allow their champions of darkness to die too easily, so infuse the fallen paladin with life, when summoned.

Life Eater: when any target dies (or lies dead) within spell range, instantly heal either HP or Wisdom. This ability also allows you to heal above your normal max HP or your normal max Wisdom. 1Day Recharge.  

As the sword or staff of the fallen paladin becomes soaked in blood, they can absorb the soul of the fallen, restoring vitality, to continue fighting.

Fallen Paladin Skill and Knowledge (H2)

Fallen paladins have a bonus to the intimidate skill, and politics knowledge. Because an aura of shadows and domination continually hangs around them, they are innately intimidating. Even those with strong constitutions can’t help but be slightly unnerved around the sheer dark dominance of the fallen paladin.

Though study isn’t necessarily a common pastime of fallen paladins, members of the order know that to destroy organizations and nations, they must maintain an awareness of what’s happening in the world, politically. Fallen paladins make it their business to maintain abreast of political leaders, trends, and movements. Any of those categories could create an opportunity for darkness to thrive. People can be bought, ideas can be twisted, and carefully-crafted lies can be spread to achieve any means, just as well, or better than pure force.

Fallen Paladin Images

Famous Fallen Paladin Lore – Lord Achilles Obsidian

Lord Achilles Obsidian was the first dark elf fallen paladin to ever obtain an eternal soul, which allowed him to become an Eternal – an undying demi-god, in the world of Aeturnum. His journey was forced upon him when his mansion was abruptly destroyed by a berserk chimaera. Along with a holy paladin of little renown, named Cadmar, and a druid werewolf named Hong, Achilles was able to slay the beast, as vengeance for the town. Unlikely as the three were, together, their initial interactions together led to a great adventure.

Achilles quickly gained notoriety among fallen paladins. Whereas he had formerly been content ruling his small piece of the world, in Eboncrest, the destruction of his home set him upon a quest that allowed others to finally see the tremendous powers he’d kept hidden. After gaining renown as an adventurer, he established the black knights – an organization of primarily fallen paladins. He was challenged by Razian for leadership of the knights, a young prodigy of darkness. Many were amazed to see Achilles emerge from the duel, barely alive. Information came to the knights that the young challenger had received a blessing of shadows from an ancient lich, and so had drastically increased command of fallen paladin spells.

It was this initial attack from the mysterious lich that caused Achilles to redirect the purpose of the black knights towards the being’s destruction. Over many years, Achilles’ fame grew, a new home, Castle Dreadnaught was built, the black knights flourished, and more information on the lich was obtained. Vain was the lich’s name, and he sought an eternal soul, so as to ascend and become an Eternal. Achilles waged war on Vain and his legions. In Gwynn, the capital city of the holy lands of Morgana, the two faced each other in battle, where a fabled eternal soul had made an appearance. Due to the magnitude of the war and its effects on all mortals, even Cadmar, the holy paladin – now himself, vastly renowned – and Hong, the druid, temporarily joined the ranks of black knights.

Ultimately, Vain was victories over Achilles, who was nearly smote upon the field of battle by the great lich. It was only due to the heroic efforts of Cadmar that Achilles’ life was spared, though the intervention cost Cadmar his life. In the half second of Vain’s distraction, Achilles grabbed the eternal soul and ascended. In his ascension, he used his newfound power to lay waste to Vain and his legions. The last that anyone has seen of Lord Achilles Obsidian since that day was him kneeling before the tomb of Cadmar, paying his respects to the paladin that had saved his fallen paladin brother.