These are posts from several years ago – more than 3, actually – about the Heroes of Light from our famous 2nd Campaign in Eternity RPG. These characters went on to be placed in the lore of Eternity and have forever shaped its world. We hope you enjoy this little bit of gaming history.

The Heroes

Thangoruin Ainamarth wields the immense powers of elemental chaos in his search for ultimate magical knowledge and godhood. He has so far lead a relentless search of philosophical answers in life, though many still remain distant to him. Thangoruin largely has no care for the people around him; the motivation for his continual adventuring is personal gain alone, though much more fuels the beating of his misunderstood heart… if only anyone knew what.

Edigo Animus is the chosen champion of the Renrys, goddess of nature, leader of the druidic clan “Voice of the Beasts,” and King of Ateria. As King, his main focus is the continued protection of the Golden Elf lands under the current threats of war from Artemis and her northern armies, though perhaps a close second is the loyalty and love he owes to his wife, Erina. He has recently begun mastering the last stages of the Elemental discipline of Shape Shifting, which he plans to execute to the fullest against Elmran in their final encounter.

Lanias  Goldwing is one of the last Time Mages still in existance, finally gaining his powers from the fallen Darkrias, former leader of the “Renaissance Enlightened.” He has finally discovered some of the answers about who he truly is, learning that he has the ability to transform into a Golden Dragon (though not yet at will), and that he is in fact one of the fabled protectors of Ateria. Lanias seeks the downfall of Elmran so that he may finally live a life of peace with his wife, Lamia.

Palin has attained the highest rank of Dragon Knight known as a Divine Defender, available only to those with the upmost devotion to both Hy-Rasyl and Renrys. His powers now focus on the defense of the righteous, though Palin himself is somewhat questionable in terms of purity and holiness. He tries hard, but his half-demon heritage creates a wedge between himself and perfection in the eyes of the Eternals. Though he wears Galahad’s armor, he may never attain Galahad’s ideals.