Eternity RPG: The Berserker

In our last blog post about Eternity Classes we covered the Vanguard. Today we’re talking about the Berserker.


Berserker: an ancient Norse warrior who fought in a wild frenzy (by

Most RPGs have some kind of furious, all-out attacking melee class. These classes are meant to break through the enemy’s front lines and kill things. Quickly. Often without concern for personal safety or coordinating with the rest of the adventuring party.

There are several other strong melee classes in Eternity RPG. Some are melee-specialized while others are mix classes, capable of fighting in close range, and casting spells from a distance. Of all melee classes, however, none are as dedicated to all-out melee aggression as the berserker (with a possible exception being the assassin, which we will cover at a later date).

We’ve done a lot of playtesting around the berserker in one-on-one fights against other classes. So far, the berserker has a very high win rate in duels. If you want to play a class that is extremely intimidating to fight against, the berserker might be for you.

Berserker Roles

Attacker: surprisingly, the berserker gets a lot of its damage potential from buffs and passive abilities. Dual-wield allows them to have additional attacks per round. Mania allows them to have additional attacks per round against all adjacent enemies during the round. And… omni-strike allows them to have extra attacks per round on one single target.

It’s difficult for enemies to dodge multiple attacks per round, even if each attack itself has a low hit chance. But, combine all of those extra attacks with wrath, and suddenly every attack is quite deadly, with a substantial strike bonus.

Combining these abilities truly highlights the berserker tagline – “fast and brutal.”

Mover: berserkers aren’t as mobile as other light melee or ranged classes, like the vanguard, assassin, or even the pyromancer (with their teleportation spells). But, with the right mix of abilities and specializations, the berserker can become essentially immune to speed-reducing (slowing) effects. Those kinds of effects can typically be deadly for melee classes, and extremely difficult to deal with.

Option+: abilities like assault and blood critical give the berserker a lot of tactical room to maneuver. Assault is one of the few berserker abilities that allows them to partner well within a group. It allows the berserker to charge multiple targets at the same time.

Blood critical gives the berserker the option to use HP instead of Wisdom for causing criticals. This is especially helpful since most berserkers will probably choose high strike bonus/ low wisdom races. So having blood critical allows the player the choice to make an additional critical attack when out of wisdom (which will be a common experience in longer fights).

In Summary

Playing the berserker is a ton of fun. It’s a very fast-paced, aggressive class to play. You will intimidate other players when charging them with a berserker. The play experience is definitely a rush.