Eternity RPG: The Assassin

In our last blog post about Eternity Classes we covered the Berserker, which you can read here. Today we’re talking about Eternity RPG: the Assassin.


The Assassin In History

The word “assassin” pulls up imagery of a person stealthily entering a premise with the intent to silently kill a prominent or influential target. They are professional killers, often hired for their rare expertise. Assassins don’t just end lives. They do so eloquently, from the shadows, without anyone knowing they were there. They are often likewise skilled in making deaths appear to be accidental, suicidal, or the work of another person entirely.

Assassins systematically start and end wars, create and end nations, change cultures, and alter philosophy and national mentalities. They are the instruments of death himself. Assassins are a prominent part of society and the ruling class’ strategy for domination over their serfs.


The Assassin In Eternity RPG

“Rogue” is often the class that many RPG’s use to describe a person capable of stealth, theft, breaking and entering, espionage, and sometimes dungeoneering. They pick locks, avoid traps, and backstab. Sometimes this kind of class is called “Thief”, “Bard,” or even “Ranger.”

Eternity RPG took a different path with the rogue/ trickster archetype, dividing up the roles into several different classes. Thus, the assassin in Eternity RPG is a class wholly its own and highly specialized.

More than anything, the assassin captures the flavor of what an assassin should be and should be doing. The class is entirely built to allow players utmost stealth, complex “set-ups” and preparation before striking all ultimately leading to a single attack that means almost certain death for the assassin’s target.


Assassin Roles

Assassins function best as high damage-dealers in a group. They’re meant to assassinate. They have high mobility, Initiative, and are typically untargetable at the start of a battle, so they can get where they need to, and deal a lot of damage.

The only defensive options assassins have are “Unassuming” and “Feign Death,” which each only trigger one time. They both make the assassin untargetable, but only until the assassin attacks someone else. So, all in all, the assassin is pretty easy to kill once they’ve attacked someone. And if they attempt to “Assassinate” and the ability misses they’re almost guaranteed to lose the fight.



The assassin can be played by primarily using either the ability “Assassinate” or a combination of abilities like “Dual-Wield” and “Apply Poison.” Whereas assassination-focused characters have one huge attack, dual-wield assassins focus on multiple attacks per round that also debuff enemies with poisons.


Assassination-focused players make use of the “Unassuming” ability, which prevents enemies from targeting the assassin in many cases. The assassin is free to move about the battlefield completely unhindered, while setting up complex attacks. Critical options for “Unassuming”, “Ambush”, and “Feign Death” can drastically increase the likelihood of a successful “Assassinate” attack.

The actual “Assassinate” ability is a completely unopposed roll. The assassin simply states who they’re attempting to assassinate, and their hit chance is based on the remaining HP of their target. If the target has any active debuffs – such as poisons you’ve applied – the hit chance increases. When attacking, if you roll within the “Assassinate” hit chance, the target dies – that simple.

Dual-Wield-Focused Assassin

Assassins who dual-wield make use of multiple attacks per round with weapons coated in poisons. Dual-wielding with an assassin, as it is with any other dual-wield class, requires a high Strike Bonus. Since dual-wielding allows for multiple attacks per round, each attack has a lower hit chance, so Strike Bonus is vital. Intelligence is also an important stat as a higher value allows for the application of more poisons to weapons.

“Rupture” also becomes a stand-in for the “Assassinate” ability as it’s a high-hit-chance attack, which synergizes well with the low hit chance given by dual-wielding.



The assassin has many abilities that are entirely unique. Most classes have spells or abilities that are unique yet also somewhat similar to what other classes can do. Every class does have its own unique flare with at least a few abilities. But the assassin has more abilities than almost any other class that are customized specifically for them.

Take “Ambush” for example. The assassin doesn’t have to roll Initiative to take a turn. They just go. “Sprint,” another 1Day Recharge ability, allows them to move at double their normal Speed for 1turn. “Wall Runner” allows the assassin to climb walls, parkour, or hang from a ceiling. And as mentioned before, their “Unassuming” ability lets them move around the battlefield without any hindrance. They can move into the perfect position under almost any circumstance.

The assassin isn’t just a mobile class in Eternity RPG. They are perhaps the most mobile class in Eternity RPG.



The main reaction ability that assassins have is “Feign Death.” When you take damage, the ability allows you to act as if you are “Unassuming” once again.

Other reaction options for the assassin come from their critical choices. “Sprint”, “Ambush,” and “Unassuming” can all critical to be used as an Instant Action at any time of your choosing instead of activating at their normal times, which can make playing against them highly unpredictable.


In Summary

It’s really a lot of fun to begin combat by using “Ambush” and “Sprint,” essentially taking two turns before anyone else has even rolled. Then, while right next to the person you intend to kill, you casually critical “Unassuming” to increase your hit chance with “Assassinate” or your damage with “Rupture.” Often before they even get a chance to do anything meaningful in a battle, you kill them. At least that’s been the general flowchart of many assassins. There’s a lot of ways to play them.

Some of the more interesting and unique ways to play assassin utilize “Dual-Wield” and “Apply Poison” to essentially just focus on debuffing enemies. This option tends to make for a more well-rounded assassin character who can still hold their own even if their big set-up attacks miss.

The assassin is by far one of the most heart-pounding and controversial classes in Eternity RPG. They are a high-risk, high-reward class with strong, flavorful class content.