Eternity RPG Recent Updates

It’s been a few weeks since we posted our last blog. We updated Aeturnum Gaming to a new web server and had a couple other changes. Since we’re a smaller company, these changes took a while. So, we just wanted to do a quick blog post to let you know and to give you other Eternity RPG recent updates.

We’re aware that our site was not a secure link for about a week. That was due to our SSL expiration, and changing over servers. Since we accept credit card payments on our site, that SSL certificate is very important. Many web browsers won’t even allow a person to visit sites that accept payments unless their SSL certificate is up to date.

We’re happy to let you know that our site is once again secure, and our server transfer went well.

It’s also been a while since we posted on our Facebook page or sent out an email newsletter for those of you on our list. So really, we just didn’t want anyone to think that we had closed up shop or were having any major problems.

New Art

We’ve just received new banner artwork for our website. Those banners should be going up any day now, and much better reflect the quality we’re aiming for with Eternity RPG. Since releasing Eternity RPG to the public, it’s always amazed me how much sales are affected by artwork. A game might be polished, fun, easy-to-learn, and great overall. But the way that it looks within the first few seconds has a major impact in whether people give it a chance.

Improved artwork has been a major push for us with Eternity RPG. Full disclosure, we use basically all profits at this point to commission new artwork for the game. We raised our price on the Eternity RPG main game a couple months ago (though it’s still on-sale, just up to $10 from $5) to help pay for new work. We’re hoping that Eternity RPG through Aeturnum Gaming will become a profitable business for us in the future, but for now, we’re a company for the customers, only.

The more money we make from selling copies of Eternity RPG, the more and better artwork we all get to enjoy!

Lords Of Aeturnum

For those of you who do receive our monthly email newsletter, you’ve probably seen some of the work we’re putting into our Eternity RPG Lords of Aeturnum expansion. In this expansion to the game, you play a Lord in the world of Eternity RPG, instead of a hero. The focus of the game is to build up your kingdom, expand, develop your civilization, wage war, and roleplay the Lord of a realm.

As of the time this post was written, the Lords of Aeturnum expansion is a free RPG pdf download. For-sale versions of the expansion may very well be coming as we update the expansion and add to it! If you want to get it for free (again, as of the time this post was written), click the link above to get it.

The Eternity RPG Lords expansion is best played in groups of at least four, but we’re working on ways to play solo, like you can do with the main game. We’re also hard at work expanding the game. Currently, it’s more of a long-term war game. You build a few structures that allow you to train units, balance your population between income-and-food-producing-units, and warriors. Then, kill your enemies.

Now, we’re putting in all kinds of buildings. Marketplace. Gem mines. Port. Shrines. Universities – just to name a few. Each of these buildings will give you many more options as the Lord of your realm. They also give you resources to buy, sell, or barter with other Lords. So far in our test play games they’ve deepened the experience of Lords quite dramatically.

Updating Old Blog Posts

We just finished updating the entire blog series for our famous 2nd campaign. This campaign was our very first series of adventures that used a version of Eternity RPG quite similar to the main game today. There are disclaimers on each of the blog posts now, but the posts were originally designed for the game’s players, and not an extended audience. Only later did we decide to make Eternity RPG a for-sale game.

However, the posts now give readers a little better idea of what the story was about and connects dots a little better between posts. It’s still not like reading chapters in a fantasy novel, since there are large information gaps between posts, but it’s much better. If you’re a fan of fantasy short stories, you might enjoy reading them.

If, after reading the posts, you’re curious to see how Eternity RPG has changed over the years, you can now download the old version of Eternity RPG here. Like the Lords of Aeturnum expansion (as of the time this post was written), this is a free RPG pdf download.

More Posts To Update And Enjoy…

We will continue to update old campaign blog posts (of which we have over 100) over time. As we release more lore with the Eternity RPG main game over time, you’ll get the benefit of seeing important locations, NPCs, and stories shown from their source in these old blog posts.

If you’re interested in other campaigns we have recorded in the annals of our blogs, you can use a quick link to see them here:

Evizenium Forgotten: this campaign began in 2011. An alternate world to Aeturnum where the Necromantic Being built his power.

Flux Core: another alternate world to Aeturnum. This campaign began in 2012 and brought about the Eternal known as the Angel Of History.

Hollow Waltz: a short campaign that began in 2014. Hollow Waltz wasn’t as in-depth as past campaigns, but was rich in roleplaying experiences. The campaign built up a large portion of today’s Eternity RPG lore – especially regarding Kleitengraas and the Jester.

After Armageddon: our most recent campaign, started in 2018. This campaign is still going strong, having lasted just over a year now. We don’t post on it as regularly as we probably should, but you can nonetheless see our most recent gaming stories here.