Eternity RPG Class Lore – Part 1

This blog series will be on the lore of Eternity RPG classes. You may have seen our ongoing series on Eternity RPG classes (our latest post was on the Oracle), which talks about them in depth. This series merely very briefly covers the history of each class, but goes into more of the Eternity RPG lore. If you’re interested in learning more about the lore of Eternity RPG and the world of Aeturnum, this post is for you. We will have more posts on various pieces of Eternity RPG lore coming out in weeks to come as well. All of that being said, we hope you enjoy reading the Eternity RPG class lore – part 1.


A philosopher whose tools are magical reagents used to create rare artifacts of great power.

Alchemy is the result of several thousand years of experimentation by great mages. From the time of the Eternal War (3,540BK) magic became commonplace in the world of Eternity as an after-effect of the great beings’ presence in the realms of mortal men. Since that time the world has gained wondrous and incredible properties, dispersing this power to all regions and creations, great and small. Alchemists have harnessed the powers of magic and set them to practical uses in daily life.

Alchemy is a widely-accepted practice, reverenced somewhat as a “magical science.” Common people know very little about alchemy and its powers, but most large cities contain a resident master alchemist or two who fulfill many roles within the community.


Legends speak of ancient scrolls written by a man known only as “the Assassin” who lived in the Desert Rose. Very little is known of the Assassin as much of the history surrounding him was lost with the passing of time. He was well-known, however, by a small band of heroes during the 2nd Chaos War (776 KS). They are the reason that much of his legend remains today. Through their own journals, scholars later determined that the Assassin had created a sort of dojo for proteges to learn his arts. That training ground is rumored to reside somewhere in Leonic.

The famous “Assassin’s Scrolls” are said to detail the very source of an assassin’s powers. They are given only to members of the dojo. There are, of course, many would-be assassins in the world of Aeturnum. But it is said that only those who have devoted themselves to thorough study of the ancient scrolls ever access true mastery.

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The original berserkers were all sons and daughters of the VanGraven clan. In their land, the blizzard never stops. On light days the snow covers homes. On days of heavy snow, the mesa and for miles around, creates a disorienting whiteout.

The clan believes that by putting themselves in the most challenging and grave living conditions they ensure that no other obstacle could ever be too difficult to overcome. The Lands of Blizzard is known for producing some of the most hardy, dangerous men and women in the world. They are strong and wise, often contracted as mercenaries, guards, counselors, and teachers, by nations across Aeturnum.

The Eternal Hagraven was also a son of the VanGraven clan of Iota (at that time known as the Serker clan). This was before the continent of Iota became an icy wasteland. He was a berserker of the highest caliber – one of the warriors who developed the fighting style in the early days of Aeturnum. His name alone was sufficient to ward off other clans. Among ancient heroes, he was a god. After Hagraven became an Eternal, his clan renamed themselves after their ascended son: Van (of) Graven (“of Hagraven”).

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Chaos Wizard

The Eternal, Zodiac, became imprisoned in the depths of Aeturnum by the Eternal Thangoruin Ainamarth in 999 KS. Thangoruin cast the spell to seal the fate of the rogue Eternal known as the Angel of History. Zodiac’s imprisonment was, to Thangoruin, a necessary loss. The Chaos Stream, a river of magic and power from beyond The Dream, is now where he resides in prolonged agony.

Unearthly energies now rise from deep underground, warping the bodies of men and beasts in malicious ways. To some, it bends their minds, causing monsters to go insane. Some men and women, however, gain benefit from the chaos. Their minds are opened to the greatness beyond the mortal realm, and power flows through them. They become both wizards and anti-mages, at once.

Once affected by the chaos stream, they are doomed, man and beast, to roam Aeturnum as deadly and haunted creations.


Cryomancy stems from the black knights, a band of human warriors set to guard the northern reaches of Morgana against the asuran Chaos Wastes. The black knights were led by the baron of Leonic who later in life came to be known as Count Rasler. Over time, the potency of ice magic drew in many powerful mages from across Aeturnum, and Count Rasler’s black knights of Leonic became instructors to the first great cryomancers.

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Dragon Knight

Originally established as an order in the year 228 KS in Lormuda, the dragon knights did not gain notoriety until the Tarscician War with the silver elfs in 500 KS. The Tarscician war redefined war among the mortal races. Prior to them, no one had heard of a man or woman training and riding dragons into battle. The battles against them were shocking and held great losses.

Due to their small numbers at the time, the order of dragon knights were defeated by the elfs of Lormuda, losing the Isle of Tarscisia as a necessary concession to end the war. Following peace, the ranks of dragon knights grew through the ages following. Today, dragon knights are common in the fighting forces of most large nations, and they are valued as elite units in battle, capable of changing the course of war.