Eternity RPG Chronicles: 26) The Rise of a Hero (Eternity Rising Part 1)

This is the twenty-seventh and last Eternity RPG story of the famous 2nd campaign of Eternity RPG. This is the last short story of the Eternity RPG 2nd campaign sessions. Unfortunately, it’s not much of a story. If you’ve been reading this series so far you may be expecting a grand finale.

Actually, we finished the campaign, I got tired from everything we’d poured into making this game so magical, and the story never really got written. Instead, what remains is a brief description of the battle’s end.

To make up for things, I’ve added a brief epilogue at the end of the original posts.

Bringing You Up To Speed

If you haven’t been following everything so far, these fantasy short stories are based on the tabletop RPG game sessions we played of Eternity RPG back in 2010. They were originally written for the players of our Eternity RPG campaigns (who already had intimate knowledge of the story’s plots and characters), and may not make perfect sense when read as a series. They are, however, still fun fantasy short stories to read though! Please enjoy Eternity RPG Chronicles: 27) The Culmination of Brothers in Arms (Eternity Rising Part 2).

If you are interested in Eternity RPG you can find the modern day main game as a PDF download here.

Palin, Bleeding To Death

He hit the ground with a single knee, burying his rusted armor into dirt spattered crimson and the soft pools of red converged as he shifted his weight and slowly bobbed his ruby-stained head. His arms were held to the soft ground by mountains of weary weight – he chanced a quick peek at his right arm and nearly fainted. The ground around him became so covered with blood he began to wonder what the color of the soft sand had actually been to begin with.

The world was clouding, he could tell that already. Whatever had happened as he had raised his blade for the final strike against his Eternal father became a wash. His head hanging, he tried to recall memories that flowed past like a cooling stream. It was almost soothing to just forget, just let his mind sink into itself. The black strands of his sweat-soaked hair fell in shocking bundles over his face as he hung his body into the sticky ground around him. His forehead touched and then sank into the bed of shifting sands.

The Enemy Slain – Elmran’s Last Spell

Around him four men of uncommon virtues stood as candles in the wind. Grim-faced and tight-jawed, they could not stop the enveloping light that emanated from just above the remains of their defeated father – Elmran was dead, cut in half and completely obliterated by the “Twilight Fires” of Thangoruin, but the fabrics of the world seemed to be collapsing all around them. This barren wasteland created by the scorching powers of the battle was being completely consumed by the sun’s piercing rays. There were no more shadows, there became nothing but the soundless rush of a vacuum as the ground around them crumbled in pocket after pocket until only treacherous walkways remained.

Sweat burned the skin and breathing alone felt like trying to inhale oxygen under the crushing depths of the ocean. Whatever magic Elmran had only partially cast before his death seemed now to be fully culminating in the sky – the blazing comet was tearing their bodies asunder simply through the deadly heat and gravity of its close proximity. When it finally hit, nothing living was left to experience its exacting toll.

Heroes Stepping Into Eternity

Several hours earlier Thangoruin Ainamarth, Edigo Animus, Palin of Yzarc, Lanias Goldwing and the infamous Saint Ranroth converged in a frozen cavern a hundred miles away. It was here where the last sacrifices of Aeturnum were made to combat the Eternal who would stop at nothing to have absolute dominion over all life. Nothing done here, they knew, could ever be erased. Blood began their final descent, and they knew at this point that regardless of any action they might take hence forth, blood would end it.


“No, I can’t take that, Ranroth. I have no desire to become an Eternal.”

The infamous golden elf had finally tracked down Palin the great. He was old now. Beloved by his followers, his hair white. He had rebuilt the paladins of Morgana. He had helped Edigo Animus, now king of the elfs, seal the treaty that bound Aeturnum in peace. Rhaoko, his son, had grown into a leader of the light. But he sat hunch-backed before the ageless elf.

Ranroth glanced at the heaven knight’s golden armor that hung from the wall. Righteous Deathbringer, the fabled blade, lay before it on an oaken table. Those weapons would last into eternity.

“Why not you, Palin? No one deserves this more. Thangoruin took an Eternal Spark for himself. When Vyross died, his essence of eternity remained. Now, Thangoruin sits in the stars, looking upon mortals and giving counsel. He will do far more for the people of Aeturnum than he ever did as a man. Look.”

He pulled the cloth from the pulsing eternal spark. Brilliant flecks of light covered the marbled room. “Elmran’s eternal spark. His very soul lies in my hand.  Take it to right his wrongs. Heal what’s been corrupted.”

“A treasure of infinite worth… Why not Lanias? Or Edigo?”

Palin unconsciously held out his hand, gently cupping the stone. His father’s entire being, condensed into the crystal. Without Elmran, Palin would have lived a poor man’s life. A son of an aged ex-adventurer, living in the hamlet known as Yzarc.

“Lanias has travelled away in time, somewhere. I thought it impossible after Elmran’s death. But nonetheless. And Edigo – he has other plans with the elfs. His place is among the trees and forests, not with his goddess Renrys.”

Palin stood from his oaken chair, walking to his blade and platemail on the wall. Hands behind his back, he stood for some time. Ranroth placed the Spark on one of Palin’s oaken tables. “It’s here for you. Make the choice you will. Yours to keep or another’s. It was hard for me to trust the four of you back then… but now I’ve come to understand. Timshel.”

Palin looked back in time only to see the edges of Ranroth’s black cloak exit the room. He slowly walked to the Eternal Spark and held it in his spotted, aging hand. “Not for me, as Edigo has seen. But for our future. Rhaoko shall have the stone…”