Eternity RPG Chronicles: 26) The Rise of a Hero (Eternity Rising Part 1)

This is the twenty-sixth Eternity RPG story of the famous 2nd campaign of Eternity RPG. This is the second-to-last short story of the Eternity RPG 2nd campaign sessions.

These fantasy short stories are based on the tabletop RPG game sessions we played of Eternity RPG back in 2010. They were originally written for the players of our Eternity RPG campaigns (who already had intimate knowledge of the story’s plots and characters), and may not make perfect sense when read as a series. They are, however, still fun fantasy short stories to read though! Please enjoy Eternity RPG Chronicles: 26) The Rise of a Hero (Eternity Rising Part 1).

If you are interested in Eternity RPG you can find the modern day main game as a PDF download here.

Ranroth, Broken

I could tell of their presence by the rising of the white sun—the cavern flooded with its brisk touch and the sea spray grew warmer, more familiar. I guess I hadn’t realized how lonely I’d been until I saw that radiant disk flash white. I almost dared not even to venture forth from my safe “home” even as the sun slowly returned to its heavenly radiance. So I stalled; I walked back and forth across the wet stone floors, rough and rather uninviting.

The tide was coming in so I busied myself for the time being with moving what I had recently recovered from the wreckage of Pandemonium, all of which had been left at the mouth of the cave when I’d finally returned in exhaustion, my open skin covered in black and purple marks. The rest of my body I hadn’t dared discover at the time. Stupid, but sleep finally won out over self-preservation. Days had passed from then on more slowly than I imagined was possible. I had begun to think Elmran had a hand in it. Everything was a terrible wash. Artemis had somehow escaped again, and the Sunblade was destroyed along with its counterpart the newly-found Moonblade, thus crashing the castle in a shockwave that ripped trees from their roots and covered the whole area in black, choking dust. But, I had luckily managed to recover the shards of my blood sword, shining and sweet.

The End?

As the evening tides fell back among the moonlit rocks of the cavern’s mouth I collapsed into a trembling huddle. The sun had baked the eastern sea all along the shore the entire day, but as it set I could only attempt to stifle my chills. From where I sat the white fingers of the starry sky became the bones of the dead soaring across the darkness, searching for the death grip on me that I knew the souls of those I had condemned would desire. I knew revenge once, why wouldn’t they? If time had been long before on my road home from my last dark deed, then perhaps it stopped completely that night. Each bead of sweat chilled until it froze. Each lap of the grating waters became nails against the black rocks. The darkness was so great that night that I believe I began to hallucinate. I wasn’t joking when I said the dead were out for my heartbeat.

Thou Mayest

By the morning I felt myself to be all but a waste of elfen flesh, but with the flicker of light I felt my strength course anew. Among Pandaemonium’s wreckage I picked out what I would need for my short journey. The blackened leather gave me momentary goosebumps when the pieces first slid against my clammy skin. They were cool, but comfortably so.

When the last straps were finally tightened into place and my metallic brand settled across the broad of my back I sensed a slight rush in my veins. I walked over and lifted the soft bag of food and fresh water I had prepared and daylight’s rays replaced my chills with the warmth of the first mornings of summer. As I walked the plush beach nestled between the rough of the cliff beside it and the unrelenting sea I couldn’t help but ponder the meaning of the word “Timshel.”

Healing The Heroes

Another flash of lily light covered the noon sky and I finally found the direction towards what I had been looking for. I lifted my still-bruised hand to spare my eyes the glare of the noon sun, and there I saw them lying outlined in rust-colored sand, dried crimson. I replaced the food and water in their packs, and cared for what few wounds they had as well I could. Standing around them, sifting through their bags wasn’t really an ideal situation for me, so after a short consideration I made my way back to the cavern by the sea, doubtlessly knowing that their first path upon waking would lead straight to my home.