Eternity RPG Chronicles: 25) Last Days

This is the twenty-fifth Eternity RPG story of the famous 2nd campaign of Eternity RPG. This is the third-to-last short story of the Eternity RPG 2nd campaign sessions.

These fantasy short stories are based on the tabletop RPG game sessions we played of Eternity RPG back in 2010. They were originally written for the players of our Eternity RPG campaigns (who already had intimate knowledge of the story’s plots and characters), and may not make perfect sense when read as a series. They are, however, still fun fantasy short stories to read though! Please enjoy Eternity RPG Chronicles: 25) Last Days.

If you are interested in Eternity RPG you can find the modern day main game as a PDF download here.

Chaos At The Fiery Sanctum

Wisps of red-orange steam rose, painting the landscape among the stars and bleached moon. Hollow winds caressed the barren blackness and ashen bushes rustled in the black-silver void. Deep, bellowing screams ran through weeds and thorns, well past the retreating groups of blood-soaked shadows carrying swords rent in two and shields gashed through the center. Occasional surges of heat and light would cascade unchecked through the open heavens, sent from below – the pit beneath those who made it out alive. These pillars of fire would leave imprints on the backs of eyelids of those too afraid to watch death as its herald shone in flaming exultation. The imprints were short-lived, and were often followed by gripping ice which would snap the soul in its bitterness.

As the seething embers from the Fiery Sanctum shrouded the stars, so too did the floating Citadel snatch away the light of midnight. Soundless among the screams of the dying did the Citadel slither, blotting out the moon as it passed above, the blackest and greatest of embers, it looked to grow.

Captured With The End In Sight

The ringing of sword and shield, tooth and claw, bellows and whimpers fell lost to the listeners of the Citadel like history long past, only to be replaced with the whimpers and moans of the torture room, of men who refused to give in. It did not take long to travel the waking landscape to the edge of the Burning Sea. Soft lights of orange and pink appeared on the slow rustles of the water. The Citadel slipped across the sparkling waves, rising to its goal like the morning sun.

There the deal was made—Vyross’ eternal soul was freely given as a means of trade, and the thwaps of the flaying of soft skin no longer frothed and bubbled atop the floating Citadel. Their freedom was bought, and the island became four bodies less heavy, whisked away to lands already tainted by Elmran. Artemis was too kind with them. Elmran had been too kind with them, also. I once believed that their greatest asset was simply the fact that no one seemed to really want to kill them, that a good thrashing was nearly always sufficient for their enemies. But, there was a plan for them that couldn’t help but be triggered, which would be there ruin. Elmran told me that they had one last chance, and that was all.