Eternity RPG Chronicles: 19 and 20) Children of Death

These are the nineteenth and twentieth Eternity RPG story of the famous 2nd campaign of Eternity RPG. These short stories are based on the tabletop RPG game sessions we played of Eternity RPG back in 2010. They were originally written for the players of our Eternity RPG campaigns (who already had intimate knowledge of the story’s plots and characters), and may not make perfect sense when read as a series. They are, however, still fun fantasy short stories to read though! Please enjoy Eternity RPG Chronicles: 19 and 20) Children of Death.

If you are interested in Eternity RPG you can find the modern day main game as a PDF download here.

Sons Of Elmran

“Sons of the Devourer, I had once thought your fates sealed…You’re not here to kill Renrys?”

“…What?” Three bloodied blades and two crackling wizard’s staffs stood alone in a vast wasteland. The third blade swung into its sheath and its wielder frowned bloodless features.

“What did you say? …Surely this isn’t news to you?” Dust danced with ash and the man Luminous was forced to cover his brow. “The wind’s murmurs belay the truth…Unbelievable. We haven’t much time!” Luminous turned from the four warriors before him and called back as he fled. Two blades and two staffs sheathed and the four warriors broke after him.

Edigo Animus, Champion Of The Eternal Renrys

Minutes past and Edigo gasped with each incoming breath. Sweat covered his skin, but not from the heat of the ashen abyss or the strains of running. He couldn’t comprehend what had just transpired. Sons of the Devourer…We haven’t much time? Sheer determination held him on course as the terror of the unknowns whispered “what ifs” about his Eternal Queen. They had made this journey to rescue his goddess Renrys, following her trail all the way to the fiery Abyss. Somehow Elmran had captured her and sapped her strength. If he had the power to so weaken an Eternal, what hope was there for mere mortals to come to her rescue? What is going on? Luminous Avinari broke into a sudden sprint at the sight of a withered form lying in the ash. Renrys certainly did not look the part of an all-powerful Eternal.

“If truly you are here for the benefit of the world and truly do follow the Queen, then help her now.” Edigo had never thought the form of an Eternal could be so fragile. She looked like a beautiful elf with brown and green hair of vines and leaves tinted slightly gray. Her skin had a slightly sallow and frightened look as if victim to a nightmare.

He pulled her into his arms and let loose a slight gasp. Tears made their way onto strands of hair that had matted on his face from loose ash. “This can’t be…Come on! We have to get her out of here.” He took a few stumbling steps, sending billows of ash into the air.

Elmran, Master Of Eternity

“Edigo, we still don’t know how to leave.” The group had found their way into the abyss almost by accident, and now that they were there, escape seemed nearly impossible. Palin offered a gloved hand towards his friend. “Edigo…” The young elf pushed upwards once more and kept his footing as the howling wind once again swept the open landscape.

“Edigo, we are not sons of Elmran. Stay yourself so we can find our way home.”

A rumbling of thunder drowned out all sound in a sudden burst. Two enormous metallic claws tore cloud asunder, followed by a massive ungodly face. Spires of black metal outlined perfectly symmetrical features. “MY SONS. YOU HAVE COME AND ARE PREPARED FOR YOUR DESTINIES. EXCELLENT EDIGO…KILL THE BITCH.”

Creating A New Destiny

Luminous felt the effects of the Devourer’s booming voice and quailed under its effects, but the four turned to it as child turns to their parent’s call, disbelieving, not wanting to comprehend that such a case may be the truth. All sound stopped and the incessant wind died, settling excited ash. Two asura and two golden elfs gaped in horror as the truth finally bled into their tortured minds.

Palin dropped his greatsword into the ash. “It can’t be.”

Edigo stood in a sudden movement with his Queen in his arms. “My hand will slay only you, Elmran, fallen Eternal.”

Quite rumbling of cascading boulders and clanging metal emanated from the horrendous and face of the Devourer. “AS MASTER OF TIME, I KNOW YOU CANNOT RESIST MY WILL. YOU WILL KILL HER.” Moments passed quietly into minutes, yet Edigo’s hand stayed protectively over Anaerynsia.

“No. I will not.” Blue eyes opened slowly to the point of globes with black streaks.


Palin, Edigo, Thangoruin, and Lanias still looked on completely unfazed.