Eternity RPG Chronicles: 18) In Transition

This is the eighteenth Eternity RPG story of the famous 2nd campaign of Eternity RPG. These short stories are based on the tabletop RPG game sessions we played of Eternity RPG back in 2010. They were originally written for the players of our Eternity RPG campaigns (who already had intimate knowledge of the story’s plots and characters), and may not make perfect sense when read as a series. They are, however, still fun fantasy short stories to read though! Please enjoy Eternity RPG Chronicles: 18) In Transition.

If you are interested in Eternity RPG you can find the modern day main game as a PDF download here.

Fighting The Dragon

I hate this guy. I sidestep flashing claws of ivory right into a large oak. The dragon’s the only problem I have right now…but how to kill it? Shining silver appears between us on a flowing plain before a fading sun; meant to keep it from shredding me in its fury. No wonder the beast’s so upset. Vattimo, the necromancer who keeps trailing me and the dragon’s master is barely breathing after basking in the fire I gifted him with. The dragon bellows its guttural roar and flexes its tremendous muscles, trying to rip apart my magical silver barrier. Luckily, only great magic can break that spell.

Eventually he’ll just figure out he can move around it…there he goes—damn it all. I watch in horror as the wyrm spreads his wings and takes flight above the magical wall, flashing streams of fire in arcs around me. I can almost feel my blood boil at his futility—fire? Cascades of blossoming heat scorch his scaled hide…Somehow he seems to mock me as much as I did him. Is that a smirk on his dragon face? Can dragons actually do that? I cast away the delusions as I dodge another clawed assault. Twilight can sometimes delude weary minds like that. I carefully focus my energy into finishing Vattimo while he yet lies unconscious behind my new fiery friend. I tap into the magical energies that constantly surround me. Lesser mortals will never know the pleasure this brings; flowering satisfaction blooms across my body and a meteoric hell-fire incinerates the fool who had once the courage to follow me.

Palin The Heaven Knight

So many things had to be made sure before he could sleep again. Despite having avoided the darkness that had captured the world by going back in time, some strange things were still happening. Palin had never had the discomfort of being concerned about anything really. The Black Magia were gone, Ranroth still imprisoned in the Tree of Death, even Rhaoko, his son had avoided the grim claws of the Devourer—he was currently training to become a Paladin of the Order of Morgana. Something still was not right though, and it was keeping him awake even after spending a night in drunken celebration. Thangoruin had come back to the feast covered in blood and cinders when they been in Lormuda just recently. Palin would never dream of mentioning it, though he had seen a dark blot on the horizon of the twilight sun that looked remarkably like a dragon.

He shifted up to his elbow from where he lay on his rough bed and looked around in discomfort. A pillar of green light from the heavens above always found its way to his Dragon Pendant in this time period.

The Dragon Pendant

“What the hell is that?” A question he asked himself every night but never had an answer to. He pulled his pack to him from under his bed and rifled through it, throwing random trinkets to the floor in search of it.

“Sure enough.” He lifted a small plain token made of stone that featured the head of a dragon. Ever since they had come back to the Mortal Plane from their endeavors in the Plane of Fire it had been there; the Green Sun. Before he had died, the Beast King had said it was the work of the Devourer, the flowing remains of the Elemental Plane of Earth, shimmering in the night sky. For some reason the pendant drew its light during the night hours. He heaved a great sigh and tossed the pack and his pendant to the floor. He just couldn’t forget the uneasiness in his heart.

“Green sun that rises in the middle of the damn night…” But there was worse, much worse. What was it? He finally fell into a dreamless slumber.