Eternity RPG Chronicles: 17) Elemental Silhouette

This is the seventeenth Eternity RPG story of the famous 2nd campaign of Eternity RPG. These short stories are based on the tabletop RPG game sessions we played of Eternity RPG back in 2010. They were originally written for the players of our Eternity RPG campaigns (who already had intimate knowledge of the story’s plots and characters), and may not make perfect sense when read as a series. They are, however, still fun fantasy short stories to read though! Please enjoy Eternity RPG Chronicles: 17) Elemental Silhouette.

If you are interested in Eternity RPG you can find the modern day main game as a PDF download here.

A Meeting At Last

Fire, cinder, and ash burst in two seams, passing the ferocious blade of the Betrayer. Mighty gales splintered the remainder of the broken half-globes rushing past him, raising pillars of waspish red before teetering to extinction. Raging bellows of wind and thunder slashed cloth and armor of the heroes and villain amongst the floating clouds while inch by inch Ranroth’s brand was raised.

“Finally,” muttered Edigo, just audible in the rainless storm. They had sought this fight for a long time. Some would say that it was only days in coming, but the truth was that they all had known since their childhood. He had crossed their lives since their first journey into a wintry forest on the edge of their village those many years past. Six years, maybe more by some counts; time moved in different ways in the Elemental Planes. The Wind Plane was no different. They needed the Espers alive in order to activate the Time Shard, and this man was threatening that possibility—he was about to kill the Esper Zanarkand.

Saving The Phoenix

Fierce shouts could now be detected above the slicing wind of the Esper’s flying prison. Even without a soul connected to his body (which was still trapped in the “Tree of Death” on the Mortal Plane), Ranroth presented a mighty opposition. His whirling sword cut through the bonds of that prison. With the Esper already too weakened to fight, his last means of defense was now destroyed.

“By the gods!” The battle of flying blades had changed from a defensive approach in which Life and Magic both could be conserved against an aggressive adversary, to one in which time was of greatest importance. “Bring him down.” Spells flashed blinding flares and frenzied assaults split the gaps in Ranroth’s guard.

The Cloud Giant

Suddenly, a crack of pure energy raged through the party and Ranroth’s torso. Unscathed, the heroes watched in jubilation the mad spurts of crimson that flew unhindered from sundered golden armor, and flesh beneath.

“Did I hit him? Is that the one known as Ramuh? I cannot see from here!” Sheer shock shone on Ranroth’s bloodless face, the blood nearly all twenty feet behind him at this point; more gushed with every ragged breath. Well beneath him a Cloud Giant peered with all his might. “I think I smell the lightning burns of electrified flesh my good friends.”

Edigo snuck a glance at Thangoruin. “Good luck we made friends with that guy.”

Noble, the Cloud Giant, could just be seen on the horizon of the falling sun, black clouds surrounding his towering figure.


“This is not the end of me. Tasks yet unfinished cannot be forsaken.” The Betrayer splayed his hands before him and pure blue light was conjured over what had been his mortal wound. Blue light broke the seamless white of the forever-skies of the Wind Plane, whisking him once again, away. The party’s own cascades of white were soon to follow as they transported Zanarkand back to the safety of the Jade Jungle.

The rescue of the last Esper Leviathan was soon to follow. Just days later the heroes found themselves with a dull and worn Time Shard in Lanias’ enclosed fist. Undead roamed the city of Troea, while a black star threatened to fall. Whatever happened in this new strand of time, the heroes could never forget what had once happened, and what may shine again.

Artemis carried four fragments of a blood-red longsword in her pack, taken from various Elemental Planes. Edigo carried the knowledge that he had killed the corrupted Erina Goldwing in the future—the very woman he had loved and sought so dearly. Who was to say what was real and what was not? Who was to say what could really be redone, and what would remain in the annals of history if not the dark corners of one’s own distant memories? Things would be different this time.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Erina’s blackest fate can be averted.