Never again will you build a character that seems great in your mind but mechanically sucks. We built a game for you to have fun.


Every part of the game is played in “Scenes” which determine every part of the game. Every player determines a piece of each scene. What ends up happening is that players build their own world – not just one game master who creates everything


We’re not the big-time professional game designers, and we think that’s great. Why? Because we’re homebrew – old-school basement gaming group. If you are too, welcome to Eternity.”

The History of Eternity

“Eternity began as an entirely homebrew tabletop roleplay game which we thought would be a fun side project in between college English classes. It was originally called ‘FF Game’ and was sort of fashioned in design after the old-school turn-based JRPG video games.

The game went through many variations, game balances, additions, subtractions, and the entire creative process a hundred times over. In our legendary ‘2 nd Campaign,’ which lasted for nearly 30 gaming sessions (at 4 hours of game time each), St. Ranroth was born, and the four heroes of light.

Eternity is an ongoing project. When you look at the sales page and click on the product description of our PDFs one of the first things you’ll see is our ongoing promises.

  1. We promise to keep improving the game and offering new products.
  2. We promise to email you for FREE any updated PDFs with new or revised rules if you bought a previous version of that same product. Email updates are sent out about once every 3 months!

It’s like getting your regular software update to your computer games. And we do it for free. For life. We’ve got 20 years of gaming and game design experience already. And we’re going to be around for a long time yet.

The History of Eternity RPG

7 Races:

  • Asura
    Reincarnated Half-Demon
  • Dark Elf
    Undead Ancestor of the Silver Elfs
  • Golden Elf
    Consumes Founts of Magic
  • Human
    Adaptable & Overcoming
  • Jadori
    Ferocious Lion- Or Tiger-Men
  • Stoneborn
    Bodies Of Organic Rock & Gemstones
  • Trinati
    Reincarnated Deserters Of The Eternal

12 Classes:

  • Assassin
  • Berserker
  • Cryomancer
  • Druid
  • Fallen Paladin
  • Judge
  • Oracle
  • Paladin
  • Pyromancer
  • Sage
  • Vanguard
  • Witch Hunter

Lords System

  • The Lords System is unique among RPGs. Create your own realm and play as a Lord of Aeturnum. Now a FREE download!