Multiple Game Masters

Eternity TTRPG is a tabletop roleplay game that puts world and story creation in the hands of the entire gaming group. In most TTRPGs, one person creates the world and storyline while everyone else roleplays their characters in that world. In Eternity TTRPG, everyone gets to help game master, and everyone gets to play a character. Each player takes turns contributing as a game master for the story. And the game’s story building systems keeps everyone on the same page, even though each game master is different in their ideas and approach. Since most TTRPGs only have a single game master, here’s a short list of reasons why you should give a multiple game master system a try:

  • Multiple game masters create more interesting, immersive worlds than single game masters.
  • Likewise, the stories are better since everyone contributes.
  • Each player gets to play the game more – there’s little or no down time while the “game master” takes turns with each player.
  • Players don’t feel “railroaded” into doing things that they either don’t want to do, or their character probably wouldn’t do, since everyone
    gets a say in what happens.
  • You can rest assured that the story’s headed in a direction that will remain interesting to you, and will allow you to play the character you’ve always wanted.

Balanced Combat

Choose from 9 different races and 22 different classes. Each race and class have their own strengths in combat, and they are all balanced (our thousands of hours playtesting assure that). Not that combat is the most important part of a TTRPG. We actually believe the most important part is the story. But, when you do get into combat, you want to feel that your class build is as fun and useful as possible.


  • Ateri – “Ascended” Humans
  • Crour – Monstrous Beasts
  • Empyrean – “Fallen” Humans
  • Esper – Magically Mutated
  • Humans – The Original Race
  • Jadori – Lion People
  • Stoneborn – Bodies of Organic Rock
  • Treant – Sentient Trees
  • Yzarc – Angels of Destruction


  • Assassin – Bringing Final Memories
  • Berserker – Furious and Brutal
  • Cryomancer – Born of the Winter Solstice
  • Druid – Ferality and the Expression of Nature
  • Fallen Paladin – Destroyer of the Light
  • Jester – Keeping the World Honest
  • Judge – Authority of the Realm on Behalf of its Lord
  • Legionnaire – Master of War
  • Monk – Master of the Self
  • Nether Knight – Born of Another Realm
  • Oracle – Voice of the Eternals
  • Paladin – Defender of the Light
  • Pyromancer – Born of the Summer Solstice
  • Revenant or Witch – Defender of Shadows
  • Royal Guard – Life-Sworn to Service
  • Sage – Bringer of the Light
  • Samurai – Noble Class of Elite Warriors
  • Summoner – Gatekeeper of Aeturnum
  • Thief – It’s not Stealing if I want it More
  • Vampire Mage – Bringer of Shadows
  • Vanguard – Advance Force among Soldiers
  • Witch Hunter – Destroyer of Shadows

Massive Fun

Ultimately, we all play games for massive fun. Eternity TTRPG provides enough rules to give your gaming group the framework you need to create amazing worlds, legendary stories, and engage in dramatic fights. But there’s enough flexibility for your group to decide the best way to have fun, for you.