Created by gamers who’ve played classic tabletop RPGs and online MMOs. We love storytelling and great combat sequences, both.

Because this game started out as a simple homebrew game, you get the benefit of the entire world we created from over 10 years of gaming. In 10 years we created a big fantasy world.

When our close friends and local gaming community are in the mood for some RPG action, guess what game we play? Eternity RPG. Every time.


  • Eternity brings the in-depth combat of miniature skirmish gaming to the RPG format. Play a hero with near-unlimited tactical options in the legendary fantasy world of Aeturnum. Eternity RPG has no Game Master, so you can help create every aspect of the world in which you play! The rulebook provides everything needed to play a single game or full campaign. Eternity RPG provides a complete world in which to play. The game is easy to pick up, even for players new to the genre. Even if you’ve never played Eternity RPG, your game can be up in running in 15-20 minutes.

  • Jake began work on Eternity in 2009 as a side project between college English classes. After the first full-length campaign was finished with his first gaming group in 2010, earnest work began among the gaming group to bring Eternity to the RPG community.

    7 Races, 12 Classes, immersive story- & world-building, highly tactical combat.

    Will you conquer the world of Aeturnum?

  • Our newest product, which we’re releasing to the public for FREE, is Eternity: Lords System. Everyone who’s played a tabletop RPG has built a 1st Level character and adventured until the character became godlike. But what about building an entire realm of your own? What about a tabletop civilization builder? Eternity: Lords System is our answer. Create your own realm, cultivate a kingdom, wage war, send heroes out on quests and adventures of your design, and engage in political intrigue as you play as one of the Lords of Aeturnum.

Artwork of Eternity (by Adrienne Carlisle & Katie Casetta)

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Choose to play from 12 unique classes


“Cryomancy stems from the black knights, a band of human warriors set to guard the northern reaches of Morgana against the Asuran Chaos Wastes.”


“Berserker: a brutal and fast warrior more interested in killing than taking prisoners. Berserker’s train for war but are individual fighters. They are prized for skill in battle, not leadership or tactics.”


“A state exam must be taken and passed within the nation called home by the Judge. Across Aeturnum, the word ‘Judge’ confers authority.”

Fallen Paladin

“Fallen Paladin: one who had once defended the light, now a destroyer of the light. Any path of goodness or grace removed from their being. Fallen paladins are chaotic, and do as they please. They are infused with dark powers and now symbolize all of the flaws of mortals.”


“Vanguard: the tip of the spear among armies and fighting forces. Vanguards can act as archers or advance melee units. The focus on mobility and power. They are threatening because of the damage they can deal with a single thrust of their weapons.”


“Oracle: there were once “time mages” in the days of the Eternal Elmran, who could affect the flow of time. They could change the past or future. They created their own prophecies. Today, there are no such persons. The oracle exists, who cannot change the past or future, but can predict it, because there are no time mages to change the flow of time. Oracles’ powers are wondrous and highly revered.”

The World of Aeturnum

The night sky is barren, devoid of stars and light, save for an eerie green cast by a dark sphere. 139 years ago, the moon and stars were destroyed in the near-celestial-apocalypse known as ‘the Mirror Incident.’ In the wake of the darkness came the meteors which fell to Aeturnum: pieces of destroyed celestial bodies. Some say the disaster proves that the Eternals, the gods of this world, are only a myth.

Aeturnum is ruled primarily by five baronies and nations. It is a diverse land, stretching from lush forests to cloud-touching mountains, deserts, wastelands and swamps, to golden plains and farmland. Political turmoil is a constant. Rulers send their sworn followers and serfs to battle in never-drying fields of blood. Bandits, wild animals and monsters known as ‘chaos beasts’ are common. The world has become far more dangerous since the night sky lost its bright glow.


  • This is one of the best designs I have seen in a long time. Jake did an excellent job bringing to the game to the table. Great adventure awaits.

    Adam H. 5/5 Stars
  • Eternity is very fun and refined. I’ve had the opportunity to play this quite a bit as a Game Master and a Player. Both experiences are a delight! Here are a few points Eternity excels at:

    •  Cooperative play is a strong suit. With a wide array of class options, the class abilities and role playing aspects can be meshed to create incredible and sometimes hilarious combinations. Developing roles can be useful in a party, but you’re not limited by your role. Every class is useful in any situation if you’re creative enough.
    • The model for character building is very well balanced. As a player, I never felt my character build was more or less useful than other players in my party.
    • The level progression path is rewarding. Level ups feel significant and customizing your character stats and abilities makes you feel powerful.
    • If you’re developing a campaign or a need ideas for a character, there’s a lot of quality lore to pull from.

    Buy a copy, play it with your friends, and support this awesome game!

    Geoffrey P. 5/5 Stars
  • I have played Eternity as a few different types of characters. One of my favorite aspects of Eternity is how it falls in between a strictly class system like DND and a lack of class system like Cypher or World of Darkness. This allows for a more customizable character without the fear of complete failure of self balancing. I have really appreciated the flexibility I have been able to achieve with this. The dice rolling is beautifully simple without confining your character to being good at only one or two things. There is plenty of lore to keep you intrigued and give ideas but it is not so involved that knowing almost none (as I did when I first started playing) is not a detriment to playing at all. I highly encourage you to try this out! –

    Renee W. 5/5 Stars