Eternity TTRPG

In Eternity TTRPG, you both play a character, and co-game master with your gaming group. In almost every TTRPG (tabletop roleplay game) out there, only one person is the “game master.” The game master creates the fantasy world and everyone else roleplays characters in the story. After decades of gaming, we’ve found that multiple people engaging in creation of a game world creates for a better world. And better stories. Eternity TTRPG is a tabletop roleplaying game where every player at the gaming table contributes to the story’s direction. Try it out! Eternity TTRPG is easy to pick up, even for players new to tabletop gaming. Your game can be up and running in 10-15 minutes.

How does a TTRPG without a single Game Master work?

Great question. The simple answer is that it works much better. All players around the gaming table contribute ideas to world creation, storylines, and next steps. Players take turns deciding between which ideas best move the story forward. Whichever player contributed the next chosen idea gets to be
the “game master” for one small section of time. Experienced TTRPG players get to show off their roleplaying and story building skills more often, since their ideas are typically chosen more often. Less experienced players get to still help choose the direction of the story, and learn how to craft better stories from the group’s more experienced players. No matter how good of a game master you are, or ever will be, you will never come up with better stories than a small, dedicated group of gamers. Using Eternity TTRPG’s storytelling system, even large gaming groups can keep their creative ideas heading towards epic campaigns.


Eternity TTRPG is a class based RPG. Thousands of hours of playtesting and gaming have ensured the game’s high levels of balance. Players can choose from 22 different classes. Each class has 10 spells/ abilities, and 30 unique “specialization” options. Varying specialization combinations allow players in the same gaming group to choose the same class as someone else, while still experiencing entirely different ways of playing their character.

Combine your chosen class with a unique race, items, and treasures, and you’ll turn your character’s class into anything you want it to be.

Eternity TTRPG Classes

Eternity TTRPG has 22 classes to choose from. Some are TTRPG staples, while others are entirely unique to Eternity TTRPG.


Each class comes with their own strengths. The assassin’s are “stealth” and “political” knowledge. The class is as well-equipped as any other to find out the important figures in a story, and make their way past defenses. When it comes to fighting, assassin’s work best with one single attack meant to end it all.


As you play the game and level up your character, you have the ability to improve your character’s base stats in any way you choose. Each class also has built-in stats that increase based on your specialization choices. The cryomancer increase their faith, inspiration, and resilience from level ups, making them a frost mage with durability.


When a character is created, they start at Level 0 (Lv.0). Once they reach Lv.1, players can choose which class to give their character. From then on, players can choose 1 new spell or ability with each level up. The druid is a class with many options. They can use their new spells and abilities to select options for shapeshifting, casting magic, healing, and commanding animals.

Fallen Paladin

Spells and abilities are separated into “tiers,” which give level requirements before certain spells and abilities can be selected. Once a character has reached a new “tier,” players get the choice of which spells and abilities their characters gain, at what time. The “tier 4” fallen paladin ability “dread march” allows a character to continue fighting even after they reach 0HP.

Royal Guard

Each class is based around a distinct theme. Take what lore you like from the game world, and leave what doesn’t fit your tastes. But for anyone who wants to play in a world with some pre-made flavor, each class has a saying, or motto. The royal guard’s is: Life-Sworn to Service. Their abilities revolve around protecting themselves and the people to whom their life is in service.


Some classes have a “light-” or “shadow aura.” These classes are immune to damage from their own kind, but exceedingly weak to their opposite. This system creates in-born rivalries and a sense of real danger. Though the sage is primarily a healing class, they can deal light damage with their “blessed light” critical, making them strong against shadow aura classes.


With Eternity TTRPG, you just roll20. Meaning, you only roll a 20-sided dice. Many TTRPG’s require players to have a full set of dice (6’s, 8’s, 20’s, maybe a couple 10’s to make a “d100” system, and more). Though it can be fun to roll many dice, once thrown, they usually end up all over the gaming table, on the floor, and in people’s laps. Plus, it simply takes a long time to count the results from multiple dice. For each action in Eternity TTRPG where there’s a chance of success or failure, each player rolls a single 20-sided dice. That’s it. Very simple. Very fast. The focus stays on what’s happening in the game world and the story, and not on tracking numbers.

Tactical RPG

There are essentially two sides to a TTRPG: 1) story/ roleplaying, and 2)combat. Eternity is a tactical RPG in the sense that during combat, each class has their own spells and abilities that make them equally and uniquely valuable. Players are encouraged to think through their options, and use the right action at the right time, to win. Newer players get the benefit of learning their class one spell or ability at a time, as it takes characters a long time to “learn” all of their class’ powers. While playing, you can rest assured that whatever character you build, your play style will be viable. We’ve literally put thousands of playtest hours into the Eternity TTRPG classes so you can game according to your strategy.

Eternity TTRPG World Creation

Eternity TTRPG can be played using the lore provided with the game, or you can use the rules provided for your own world creation. If your gaming
group decides to do your own world creation, the process is very easy. Each player contributes ideas for a number of “Game Elements”: places, people, items, events in the game world, etc. Players then create connections between game elements, create their characters, and give them their own “goals.” Stories naturally arise out of the connections, goals, and opposition. Game elements and the “storylines” that come out of them are used to keep everyone at the gaming table on the same page with what’s happening in the game world. It’s how multiple players can all be the game master at different times, and have the game still stay on track. With multiple players all contributing to ideas to the game world, the result is a deep pool of resources to draw from. Some ideas may not be used initially, but you will be amazed at how interesting of a world is created by multiple people’s inputs. An entire campaign’s worth of material can be created from 30 minutes of world creation at the start of a single gaming session.

The RPG Where You Play A Character, And Help Build The World, Both.

No Game Master Required. Play In A Group, Or Solo.

Created by gamers who’ve played classic tabletop RPGs and online MMOs. We love storytelling and great combat sequences, both.

Because this game started out as a simple homebrew game, you get the benefit of the entire world we created from over 10 years of gaming. In 10 years we created a big fantasy world.

When our close friends and local gaming community are in the mood for some RPG action, guess what game we play? Eternity RPG. Every time.

Eternity TTRPG Artwork

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  • Eternity is very fun and refined. I’ve had the opportunity to play this quite a bit as a Game Master and a Player. Both experiences are a delight! Here are a few points Eternity excels at:

    •  Cooperative play is a strong suit. With a wide array of class options, the class abilities and role playing aspects can be meshed to create incredible and sometimes hilarious combinations. Developing roles can be useful in a party, but you’re not limited by your role. Every class is useful in any situation if you’re creative enough.
    • The model for character building is very well balanced. As a player, I never felt my character build was more or less useful than other players in my party.
    • The level progression path is rewarding. Level ups feel significant and customizing your character stats and abilities makes you feel powerful.
    • If you’re developing a campaign or a need ideas for a character, there’s a lot of quality lore to pull from.

    Buy a copy, play it with your friends, and support this awesome game!

    Geoffrey P. 5/5 Stars
  • I have played Eternity as a few different types of characters. One of my favorite aspects of Eternity is how it falls in between a strictly class system like DND and a lack of class system like Cypher or World of Darkness. This allows for a more customizable character without the fear of complete failure of self balancing. I have really appreciated the flexibility I have been able to achieve with this. The dice rolling is beautifully simple without confining your character to being good at only one or two things. There is plenty of lore to keep you intrigued and give ideas but it is not so involved that knowing almost none (as I did when I first started playing) is not a detriment to playing at all. I highly encourage you to try this out! –

    Renee W. 5/5 Stars
  • This is one of the best designs I have seen in a long time. Jake did an excellent job bringing to the game to the table. Great adventure awaits.

    Adam H. 5/5 Stars